Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Progress Report, Plan Iteration 2, Week 1

Original post on the new Plan for World Conquest was here.

The results:

1) Two hours of analyzing my own games, getting into the backlog of the last six weeks and posting them here, then once caught up, analyzing the current week's game or an older one I never looked at when it was played.

Done. I posted the first game here and am working on my Round 2 game.

2) One hour looking at two master games (30 minutes each) in openings I play, trying to "guess the move." As little as it is, this at least touches on all phases of the game.

Done. I looked at two games from Emms' The Scandinavian. I'm not telling which ones, however.

3) One hour of tactics study, starting with the 203 positions not grouped by theme (in other words, no clues) in Neishtadt's Test Your Tactical Ability. I'm going to go through them, writing the lines in pencil, not looking at the answers in the back until I've worked through all 203. Besides tactics, this will train patience, perseverance and "backbone." I need all three.

Done. Solved 13 positions.

Overall grade: A.



tanch said...

Well done. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are working hard, keep going