Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Chess Geek Garret-Cave-Attic

Back in May Wang posted a couple of pictures of his Geek Cave; here I present my Geek Attic, or perhaps it's an old fashioned garret. Anyway, to get some of the solitude needed for serious chess study with a board, rather than a monitor, I cleared out a little space in the storage area of the condo loft. I then hauled a big-ass table up five flights of stairs and by a miracle of engineering genius, through the pint-sized door.

I share the space with my son's art studio.

A portion of the chess library.

On the board, a game I was playing over--the final position of a fifteen-move crushing of the late Darcy Robinson. To give Darcy credit, this was when he was still an "improving adult player." A few years later he defeated me 2.5-1.5 in another match, and made it to 1800 before he suddenly passed a few months ago.

In memoriam, I'll publish a win of his soon...for now, here's an Open Game where Black gets all the fun!

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Cat at My Life's Work recently changed the look of her blog, and it reminded that this one has looked pretty much the same for a long time. I think we need some refreshing of the concept around here. While I work that, check out the very interesting writing at the link. I found that refreshing, too.