Sunday, March 09, 2008

Games From Recent Events

I think it was the British Chess Magazine (BCM) that had (has?) a column every month with the "Games From Recent Events" heading, and I always liked it, it's rather laconic, and laconic is me all over; so I lift it and use it here.

Since my last report, on Thursday night in the Reno CC Ch. Qualifier Vern Young smacked me down to get what was to him no doubt sweet revenge for this game and this one in the Class B Ch. This time he had White, and switched to the 5. h3 variation of the King's Indian. Instead of what's apparently the right plan in this line, preparing the f5 push, I decided to go for the queenside advance with b5, he stifled it pretty well and I never got it in, I loosened up my position in the center with e4 and he basically occupied the holes I'd left behind. My desperation bishop sac was refuted with a couple of accurate moves on his part and I resigned on move 28 in the face of mate in two.

Happier news from yesterday afternoon as I won in Round 4 of the Tournament of the LEPers against Tacticus Maximus, otherwise known as Glenn Wilson of Houston Chess. Glenn had White and tried an unusual line (1. e4 d5 2. h3), I was able to get a lead in development and play a tactical shot or two that won material, and it was 0-1 in 27 moves. He said he'd be posting that one fairly soon (UPDATE: it's here).

Meanwhile, I'm a few games behind in keeping my promise (to myself and the readers) to post all tournament games, so let's have a look at Pearson-Mauricio Amaya, Round 2 of the Club Ch. Qualifier. As I said previously, it was a tough game.

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