Monday, March 03, 2008

Catching Up With My Games

Thankfully, I figured out what was wrong with my Chess Publisher 2 work--when the "Tournament" field has too many characters everything gets screwy (2 boards, how weird!).

So that having been conquered, my game in Round 1 of the Reno CC Ch. Qualifier is below. Meanwhile, last Saturday in Round 3 of the Tournament of the LEPers Polly of Castling Queenside inflicted my first loss of the tournament. One of those games where I just never felt comfortable, didn't "have any ideas" and she pummeled me! She posted it here so just go visit her place to witness the carnage.

On a happier note:


tanch said...

Nice game vs Watts. A very neat tactic to win the Knight. Well done!

Anonymous said...
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Glenn Wilson said...

Did you get my email about scheduling our LEPer game this week?