Friday, February 29, 2008

Skating on Thin Ice

I managed to win last night's game in the Reno Chess Club Ch. Qualifying Tournament, but not without some nerve-wracking moments.

I was matched up with Mauricio Amaya (1261), who is supposedly a D-player, but is actually one of those dangerous improving players, who've been into serious chess for a couple of years and are about to break out; believe me, I was him once! Last week he defeated a 1595, and I've had my eye on him for awhile, so I wasn't taking him lightly. Turns out that was a good thing...

I trotted out the Four Pawns Attack against his King's Indian but this time there was to be no killer breakthrough and crushing attack for White; he played it well and a very tense position arose with queen, two rooks, opposite bishops and plenty of open lines. In fact, his pawns pushed forward toward my king first and I was in some trouble with pins, when he could have won the Exchange for two pawns with any result possible. Instead of playing the expected defensive move, however, I played a counterattacking move with my queen and he missed the point of it, I won a rook and found the right move to secure my king and it was game over.

Good thing too, the game took about 4:20 and I was getting a bit groggy near the end (as was he) and it was yet another game where I just tried hard, played some imperfect moves, didn't worry about it and concentrated on the position before me and managed to win. sure was touch and go for awhile, though.

Next week it looks like Vernon Young, whom I edged out for the Class B Ch., will get another shot at me. I'm sure that after out last encounter he's out for revanche, and I'd better be ready.
I'll try to get the moves of this game posted, along with last week's win against Norm Wyatt, in the next couple of days.

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wang said...

Congrats on the win Robert. Winning a chess game aint easy, so kudos for you. Taking someone lightly because of their rating IS easy to do, so kudos again.

I have some thoughts about winning a chess game coming up at my site in a couple of weeks.