Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ze Plan Boss, Ze Plan or, C-SCAMP (Part I)

dk-transformation has made his public.

Soapstone has Training Progress Status Reports.

And now, by popular demand...

Robert Pearson's Chess Status Check and Master Plan (C-SCAMP)!

dk has items on his spreadsheet going up to Jan. 1, 2012; my time frame is more modest, as I plan to present a "where I'm at now" status check and then goals for the next 60 days.

Current Standings:

1. USCF (1650) (Goal for this year was 1700, I'll probably only have three more rated games by Jan. 1 so we will see; but better than still at 1600 floor!).

2. Red Hot Pawn (1743) (as "Newvictorian" - Online correspondence site; 1743 is my highest ever rating and pretty respectable, but I'm winding down my games here as I believe the time spent could be better used on other training exercises. What would really be useful is to analyze and present some of the games here).

3. Chess Tactics Server ("RobertNV" 1499, 73.1%, 1475 tries) (I enjoy using this very much, and I think it's good practice but I try to do everything quick for rating points, and I am adding chesstempo, where one can do problems at "standard" with no timing, or "blitz" like at CTS. I think both can be useful training, and I'll still be visiting CTS and attempting to raise my rating and, especially, percentage correct, in the coming period).

4. Free Internet Chess Server - FICS ("RLP" I can't access my stats from this computer, but (corrected - thanks dk) 1265 blitz, 1243 lightning (0 4), 1677 standard. I have wasted too much of my chess time playing blitz here, usually squeezing it in late at night [often the only time available] and recently blowing 70 rating points in about 90 minutes. I don't think I'm getting anything out of these games except opening practice, so no more 3 0, etc. I'm intrigued by 0 4 and dk's achievements in that field, so I might indulge occasionally. In future, however, mainly at least 15 5 time controls against best players available for serious practice games).

Well, I've already burned all my blogging time for now and must go prepare for a real live old-fashioned face-to-face game of chess at the Reno Chess Club tonight. Details of next 60-day study plan to follow.


transformation said...

Finger of RLP at FISC:

Last disconnected: Tue Nov 6, 22:23 PST 2007

Thank you Robert :)

ratg- RD- win loss draw total (best

1268 39.7 480 691 61 1232 (1442)

1677 125.0 6 4 1 11

1243 83.2 11 18 2 31

B. i like how you have presented the context, so that we know a little better where you are at when you present you plan.

as you know better than me, a plan allows us not to drift.

it causes us to do less of what we want to do when the fun route feels natural, and encourages us to do more of what we dont want to do when it seems fatiguing if not painfull.

i see you--or so it feels at a distance--getting ready, mentally ready to if not concieve it, then write it, or if writen or drafted then present it. there is this feeling of backing off.

i do this too. all over, in life. it is natural. after my wall street meat grinder, i still feel upset when i go to my mailbox--literally. i feel fear, and opening simple envelopes takes courage years latter. PTSDesque in many ways. even the 'strong' are weak. :).

your good friend, and proud to know you
and, of course, ever eager to see the specific tasks and time frames of your plan, or something relating energy to time to components of a complex multidimensional problem seperated

or distinguished into clear reSolution or steps sequentially.
... DK

Blue Devil Knight said...

What strikes me is how much time in your plan is devoted to playing chess as opposed to studying situations in books etc. (indeed the only non-game type study is at the tactics servers).

My question, burning right now to a degree as I am just playing games with little book or puzzle study, is how far this can take you. E.g., do you do this, and hit a plateau, and then study what major weaknesses emerge (e.g., endgame)? Or do you just keep getting better by playing and studying games?

Do you find that if you don't use the tactics servers that you start to get rusty tactically?

Wahrheit said...

DK-thanks, I'll get that corrected.

BDK--this isn't actually the Plan, just the benchmarks to see how successful the Plan will be after 60 days. I think you've got a good point though; you can go a certain ways just playing and improve quite a bit, but eventually plateau, and that's when study brings fresh ideas and renewed strength.

transformation said...

i reread this. yes, not a plan but an intentionality or a set of goals or a set of wants.

a plan has all the tasks, the approach, the methodology. it has strategy, and indicates tactics as to time and effort and revision as to evaluating progress towards ultimate or intermediate goals. a plan has all the steps. it indicates problem areas and ways to address the problem of growth, the problem of change and of transformation.