Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Links and Sidebar Stuff (New and Good!)

My friend Eric Shoemaker is consolidating his stuff on Pale Rider so his deleted blogs are gone. has been Chess Videos TV for awhile; and I need to get over there more often!

Added Chess Tempo to "Chess Improvement."

New and good!---gorckat's Chess Adventures. Rich Dailey's (n8ux) Pawned (formerly Out of the Ether, still great video links)! Big Five Chess. Chess Tyro. Self-Flagellation to the Goddess Caissa (great title!).

That's all we have time for right now, kids--though I know there are some that I noted in my travels and haven't included (it always happens) so please, please if you blog about chess and visit here and I haven't noted your efforts, leave a comment.


Liquid Egg Product said...

More chess blogs? I already waste enough time at work! Er...I mean during lunch, of course...

Pawned! said...

Thanks for the mention! ...Rich

iw said...

I was thinking of Maintaining a page with Chess Blogger information, that way if we play on FICS etc. or visit a Blogger's city we can meet up
[if we want to :) ]

The first step is to decide what to include:

Blog Name:
Real name: (optional)
Blogger Country:
Blogger City:

Handles :

what else?

Rating : (optional)


Please email response to : iwijetunge[at]yahoo[dot]com

Getting to 2000

gorckat said...

@lep: Yeah, me too. I guess my lunch break is about 8 hours long :P

Thanks for the link!