Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And Then There Were Six

Yet another Reno Chess Club blogger! Chessboozer (aka John Clifford) makes the scene with Chess Karma, and his second post is already a LOL--10 Ways to Make Chess More Popular, including:

Bring Back the Cold War, Chess Hooliganism and...Cheerleaders!

Well, I don't know if chess has ever had cheerleaders but if not, then bring 'em on.


Pawned! said...

Yes! There are Chess cheerleaders -


wang said...

Dude do you have to keep a blog in order to play at the Reno Chess club?

Sure seems that way.

Wahrheit said...

Wang--no, not required, but recommended...but I'll always be First!!!

chessboozer said...

Hi Robert, Thanks for the mention.
I intend to add to my blog soon. Can you possibly put a link on your webpage to my blog and I will do likewise

Wahrheit said...

Thanks for the reminder chessboozer, I had intended to put it up at the same post, you are now in the Chess Blog links!