Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Plan

And now, after games and benchmarks and this and that, it's time to get my Study Plan for the next 60 days out in public and be accountable to myself and friends (one of the best ways to reach a goal is to make it public). Thanks, dk my blogging friend, for the gentle and consistent encouragement!

Unlike the rapidly rising drunknknite I don't have 15-20 hours a week for study (I'm guessing he's single and childless...) but in my life I carve out 5-6 hours a week for chess studies, plus a serious tournament game at 30/90, G/60 most Thursdays.

As I noted below, it's calculation of variations that I mainly need to improve, and for this 60-day cycle I'm going to be studying almost exclusively calculation and tactics, with practice games at a 15/5 time control. My tournament schedule has me off for December, so probably only 4 or 5 rated games before the next report. I should be able however, during the time off, to study for slightly more time each week. So, until January 14, 2008:

No blitz.

No openings.

Two one-hour endgame refreshers during the month of December on basics like king and pawn, rook and pawn v. rook, queen v. pawn.

Most 5-hour weekly blocks to consist of:

1 hour FICS, 2 game@15/5 weekly.

1 hour Aagard's Excelling at Chess Calculation, working through each chapter solving the examples from diagrams, then when text completed, the 100 exercises, maximum 10 minutes per exercise then if not solved review answer, until all 100 can be solved on sight (this may extend beyond this current 60-day Plan).

1 hour Chess Tactics Server for solving under clock pressure, but striving for 90 percent accuracy, not rating. Session stats to be recorded and reported here.

1 hour Chess Tempo, non-timed (standard), striving for 95 percent.

1 hour games from The Magic of Mikhail Tal, 2 games a week at 30 min. per, to use real board, find creative and strong tactics, and have fun! Note positions where I don't find Tal's move and put some of them up here for reinforcement and your enjoyment.

If I find additional time during a week I'll try some 0 4 at FICS for fun.

Reports to be posted here each Tuesday on results, progress and adherence to the Plan.

Tactical beast, tactical beast, tactical beast...


Ryan Emmett said...

Good luck. I wish I was brave enough to publish a plan and stick to it/admit I didn't. :)

Liquid Egg Product said...

No openings.

Aaaah! Feels like a good soak at VIP Spa.

We will try to remember to yell at you if you don't update us on Tuesdays.

@Ryan: You could do what I did: post a vague plan, then admit in the very same post that you won't follow it.

Eric Shoemaker said...

Hi Robert, excellent idea on plan publishing. You are accountable for your actions or lack of...

I plan to do this soon myself and for the first time, to release some secrets I have learned over the years.

By the way, when I lack time to study, I go over Master Games.

wang said...

Way to go Robert! I look forward to hearing of your progress. I am getting ready to post mine up here in a week or two. I ahve also gotten away from the heroin that is openings, that stuff is bad for you.

chessboozer said...

Hi Robert,
A plan sounds like a good idea,
Those of us who have other interests in our lives have limited time to spend on chess. I had a look at chess tempo and I like it a lot. Looks like a great way to pass the time at work. Im planning to just do chess tactics and go through master level games as I find the rest a little like reading the telephone directory

transformation said...

i dont know how it works, or what it is, but in philosophy, i think it is called 'The Prisoners Delema'.

so here? what do i do?

do i leave without comment or notice of visit for that matter, and act unappreciative of your sincere effort, if not the worth of it on top of it?

or ONLY leave a simple:

'.' or ':)' and thereby appear insensative if not rude?

please allow me a brief comment, with other explained at [* 1 *] below.


this is great. i didnt know you had so little time for chess, or chess study, and doubtless wholely valid and reasonable personal reasons.

sorry to hear about your house. horror. you sound like you take int ten times better than me. id feel deeply violated, and vocally as such. i might have to move.

gosh. sorrows. my condolences.

to the extent that you can bootstrap your chess plan, i sense that something is missing, but now is not the time or place to say, even if i knew what it was.

just a feeling.

so just take it as a question, maybe, since my intuition is usually right, i find....

maybe it is now so much what as how. but i suspect even in limited time, you can do more or do it better, or your substantially intelect and capacity can concieve better or more or more cleverly or innovate with YOURSELF.

im cooked, so must run NOW. five days with the public. 10 of the last 12 with them.... too much going out and not enough comming in. phone off, nap, blitz, chessBase9.

warmest, dk

[1] my sorrow cannot compare, but duly note that these three weeks were the single worst three weeks at work ive had since seven years ago leaving the investment firm Migrane Stintley which merged with Dim Witted.

they are eating us all alive.

you guys wont be seeing or hearing much from me... but i am here, and yours is the only blog ive been to really all week.

need i say more--of my loyalty to you, which is more than can be said for many around here?

Wahrheit said...

dk--just, thanks so much for your comment. And to all the others who have been kind enough to encourage me here, I appreciate it very much!