Monday, November 05, 2007

Chess Publisher Version 2

I've noticed this in use at a couple of my favorite blogs now, including dk's Chess Improvement and Liquid Egg Product, and finally got around to working with it.

It looks like a nice upgrade from v. 1 that I used previously, but anyway both are available here. Having the annotations in the same window is a step forward. In order to test it out I put in a game that I'd had trouble getting to work with the older version, and found out that the tricky part is that Blogger removes "unnecessary" spaces, which fouls up the cut-and-paste.

Anyway, let's take it for a test drive...

(Later--well that didn't work out so well, diagram too wide for the column and you cannot edit the post after it's published--a blank screen shows in the editing box. Hmmm. Okay, I'll try changing the height and width in the image!)

(Even Later--no I had to change the dimensions of the main column and sidebar--please tell me in the comments if anything looks wrong to funny, or if the new viewer seems good, bad or indifferent to you)


transformation said...

lovely. thank you. a commanding performance.

i never understand how these folks continue playing after Qf3... what are you going to do, stalemate them, at your level??? please!

i am satisfied with this viewer for myself. i was latter VERY tempted to show more games, but instead focusing on continued improvement over wowing 'my pals'. not saying thats you, just that i had more goodies that i elected not to show.

can i ask you a favor? i tried or looked at the annotations, and hadnt the patience to back test the inserts, after a week of fuss on different viewers...

is there any chance you could send me the text on the entire game? so i can see how the inserts go or are patterned. im sure for you it is easy; but i didnt resolve that one. i know it is explained or shown, but i can learn a lot faster by examples. id be so greatful.

the breaks part? yes, i take the, in my case, FICS email as distinct from my chessbase pgn file, and copy it, then dress up the text. no one tells us all these little tricks.

do you even come up to seattle?

warm regards, dk

transformation said...

im still reading, still looking here. question: my goodness, you dont use chessLab? i havent used them for years. do you A. not have chessBase9 or such and B. did you know you can look up games handily at chessBases website, here.

i have NOT been successful in copying pgn's to my PC from there, but can copy one move at a time, when i need to find something that is not in my 2.97M game MegaBase, from chessBase. drastic but updated each week. has MANY errors, and i only use it as a last resort.

in my big GM game database, i get to compare many classics from books, to chessBase, and to and it is crap. free but 'number one bad' as Zen Master Dae Soen Sa Nim used to say.

hope that that helps. dk

Wahrheit said...

Thanks so much for that link! I sent along an email with help on getting the comments to work.

I've been to Seattle many times, just not lately. I would look forward to next time!

Liquid Egg Product said...

Nicely done. You had Black waste a lot of tempos whenever you attacked his Queen (moves 3/5, 18/19).

I'm still trying to decide whether to keep the default formatting, or to keep the HTML-hacked version I've been using. I wanted to show each move on an individual line, but some one of the stuff I've been doing breaks the "play" functionality.

@David: I know exactly how you feel about learning by example.

Blue Devil Knight said...

It looks great.

Exclam! online said...


I've started a new blog over at

and I've been trying to get Chess Publisher to work with no success. It's really frustrating because I'm able to preview the game viewer but once I get around to posting the viewer I get an error message along the lines of "tags cannot enclose tags" or words to that effect. Incidently, there is more that one Chess Publisher on the www. But it doesn't matter which one I use; the result is the same.

I'm new to blogging and an HTML neophyte. I feel like I must be missing something obvious. There are many chess blogs out there that have some sort of chess game viewer of one kind or another. I'd like to have a viewer on my blog. Any suggestions?

Much thanks,

Nigel Hanrahan
Exclam! online
Winnipeg, MB Canada

Anonymous said...

Dear mr. Pearson,

You don'tknow why Chesspublisher is not working, you write on your chessblog. I think I do know: the whole Chesspublisher appears to be a hoax and has now diappeared , as you can see on your own weblog!

Greeting from the Netherlands!

Albert Prins (also (fortunately for a very short time) a frustrated user of this program).