Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Garingo-Pearson 11.08.07 1-0 (Redux)

If you look to the post immediately below you'll see my game from last week, and read about the problems with getting annotations to work on Chess Publisher 2. When I pasted my pgn into the blog at chess.com (as recommended by Blue Devil Knight) it worked perfectly--see here. (On the other hand I see BDK just posted a Chess Publisher game on his blog).

So my question to readers; if you're interested in seeing one of my games do you prefer to have it directly in front of you or do you mind clicking a link? I must say that the chess.com viewer is in color, larger and easier to read. It sure seems easier to work with. But there's something to be said for having the game right here on the blog.

I would really appreciate your feedback!


Liquid Egg Product said...

Personally, I don't mind clicking a link. For the most part, anyone who's interested in seeing your games will go through the trouble. (Clicking a link doesn't sound like a lot of work, but there's something psychologically that makes it seem like work.)

However, one of my readers mentioned that he has a slow connection, and greatly appreciates seeing the game on the page itself so he doesn't have to load another page. So I've decided to stay with Chess Publisher.

Incidentally, there are things I'd change about Chess Publisher. I started a game reader some time ago, but it's not really blog ready (or even finished). Maybe I'll end up tweaking it in the future.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Hey wait, are you Robert Pearson or Donald Briggs??? Ahhhhh!

I am thinking of a parallel strategy: for very lightly annotated games just put it at my site. For the heavy annotations I need to still use chess.com as it shows the annotation in a scroll window right below the board. The key factor is whether they can see the comment and the board at the same time, or will they have to scroll down to see the comments in the Chess Publisher viewer.

Chess.com is working on an embeddable viewer, which will be great.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Oh wait nevermind. For some reason I hallucinated that the previous post from LEP was on your original post.

The world is whole again.

Blue Devil Knight said...

While it may not seem like work to see a game by clicking, in reality it is always better to have everything in one place (hence my making fun of people who had PGNs and would say 'Cut, go to this site, paste, and then view.').

Another bad thing is the comments get distributed. About half of the comments on my chess.com games are at my blog, the other half at chess.com. That's inefficient.

Also, to comment at chess.com you have to register, which sucks.

My unbridled enthusiasm for chess.com has waned a bit as I realize the newer chess viewers don't start Java Applets which hang up people's browsers, like the old school crappy one they still provide at ICC.

OTOH, the Chess Publisher thing is a little buggy. I'll enter a game and it won't post it, or it won't appear. Chess.com seems very stable and intuitive with lots more options. Once it is embeddable it will be my choice at my blog.

Temposchlucker said...

you seem to advocate arguments to leave blogger and use chess.com instead?:)

chessboozer said...

I like the one you have been using so far as it is right in front of you and you can click through the game real quick. I dont like clicking through too many links myself. I dont plan on publishing any of my own games until I beat Anand.

Wahrheit said...

Hah, maybe I'll just do both for now! If chess.com goes embeddable that would be great. Chess Publisher 2 is a nice idea but I've had a hell of a time getting annotations to work, though the moves seem to show up with no trouble.

Anyway, thank you all very much for the feedback.

transformation said...

i want it infront of me, 100%.

i want to see the writer, and see his or her page. when i go somewhere else, it FEELS like a disconnect to me, and i like the concise border of the chesspublisher 2.0. one little box, and it is all there. perfect? no. but most convenient.

lets see you keep this one, from chesspublisher.com.

warmest, dk

Kevin said...

When I saw that there were 8 previous comments I thought that someone would have commented on the game, during the game I really liked Qh4 instead of taking the knight, then I saw Nh5 and I was stuck. However, after Nd4, White wins the piece anyway (if Qd1 Bh5 gh Rh5 and now the Queen cannot defend h2 so Qh5 is forced) when the Queen moves off the g4 pawn and then Qxg4 with check and Qxh5. This is a much better line, it can start with Nd4 also instead of Qh4 but I had seen Qh4 in the game so I am partial towards it. Also because you leave the pawn on f4 he has no counterplay on the f file and the game is over.