Thursday, November 08, 2007

Surprise, Surprise

(For full story and annotations see this post at Eternity Road. Don't click on the link to her blog if you're offended by high heels).

Fetiche recently worked up enough courage -- all right, yes, your Curmudgeon helped chivvy her -- to go to a chess club in Santa Monica for a few face-to-face games.

"I walked in not knowing what to expect, but everyone was very nice. I was the only woman in the room; I got the feeling they weren't accustomed to female company. After a couple of minutes, a nice older man asked if I'd like to play. I said yes.

"'Are you good?" he asked as we set up the pieces.

"'I've only been playing for a year, but I love the game,' I said.

"He smiled. 'Well, let's see if I can amuse you a little,' he said."


Liquid Egg Product said...

Offended by high heels? You kidding, how could (at the very least) a straight male not want to hop right over to that site?

In any case, that was a great story and game, and the exact reason I'll never be a chess hustler. You just never know how strong your opponent will end up being.

Wahrheit said...

Yeah really, I was pretty devious putting in that tease...I wonder how many readers didn't click it?