Friday, June 15, 2007

Quick Note on a Win

Back in the win column last night in the Reno CC Summer Swiss vs. Hadi Soltani (1646). With the black pieces I went back to the King's Indian and when he played an unusual fifth move (Bd2) I was able to get some advantage, eventually winning a pawn; but the play remained very complicated and I let most of my advantage slip, though he was still a little tied up. A few moves after the first time control (30/90, G/60) however, he made a mistake that led to him getting suddenly mated by my Rook and Knight.

So a good result against a fellow B-player, but on at least two occasions I didn't see a reply of his to one of my moves and that's not so good...if I'm not seeing these kinds of moves I'm not playing Real Chess at the level I'm looking for.

Now I've got a three-game backlog to post; sorry about that, but I'll get around to it SOON (yeah sure--ed.).


Loomis said...

I wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed reading your blog. It's a really great mix of chess and chess-related material. I liked your book review of The Art of Learning and your commentary on the parents and coaches of youth chess.

About a year ago I was really frustrated with myself for not even considering some of the responses of my opponent. I realized that we train ourselves not to waste time thinking about bad moves (e.g. hanging pieces), but it's possible that too many moves get subconciously dropped in this category. One thing I tried is to make a mental list of every legal move of the opponent. That way, at least you noticed the move your opponent eventually makes.

I also wanted to mention in response to being behind in posting games that some bloggers use to post annotated games. As soon as I've annotated a game, I upload the pgn there, then I can link to it from my blog if I want.

Keep up the good blogging!

Wahrheit said...

Thanks much, loomis. I'm checking out chesslog, and I'll get your excellent blog added to my links shortly.