Monday, June 25, 2007

A Delightful Sample from the Recent Chess Blogosphere

Excellence is everywhere:

Blue Devil Knight points us to this scientific paper on chess training, and provides some highlights so that we don't necessarily have to read the whole thing. Being the geek I am, I'm reading it all anyway.

Grandpatzer has an excellent piece on preparing an opening repertoire--and it's only the prelude! This guy can pack more useful, concise information into a few well-written paragraphs than some people put in a book.

David at Chess Improvement has commenced a series on chess bloggers--he's got one post and just keeps adding entries to it. He's already profiled BDK and Grandpatzer and uh-oh, it looks as if I may be next!

Mark Weeks at Chess for All Ages is doing a series of posts on Smyslov, who I admire greatly. Mark seems to have found some interesting discrepancies and differences in the annotations of the games he's covering, and you might find these of interest. The games are fascinating and beautiful, in any case.

You know, there are many other great bloggers and posts I could mention but my stage training taught me an important point:

Always leave 'em wanting more.

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transformation said...

made a part ii since it was all falling too far down the que, and made me seem like an inactive blogger. :)

hope all is well.

warmest, dk