Monday, June 18, 2007

Clifford-Pearson, Reno CC Summer Swiss Rd. 2, 1-0

Finally found the time to get this game up--the first impressions were here. Looking through it again, I played a little fast and loose throughout the game; 31. ... Be3 is a visually spectacular move, but since it didn't dent his calm whatsoever, it wasn't so effective. Overall, a good effort by my opponent, a rather loose one by me, with some good ideas but too much drifting and strings of second-best moves...


Anonymous said...

Surprise-surprise you won
your a3 was an exceptional bad move where you lost all momentum
but your opponent was even worse
i was wondering at so many useless moves
what level do you play at?

transformation said...

not every person in this world is nice. on behalf of the human race, please let me applogize.

mr anonymous, you must be 0.07 on a zero to ten for decency of heart.

this person "wants you to feel his pain as your own", which, of course, it cannot be recommended.

or, as Gurdjieff said, "people love their hate".

warmly, dk

wang said...

Wow, interesting game. I have to admit to being a bit lost since I play the exchange variation so all of the pawn moves kinda freaked me out a bit. Congrats on the win. I was curious how did you get the game viewer inbeded into your post like that. Very nifty.

Loomis said...

The anonymous poster may be a jerk and a moron -- the author isn't even playing white -- but according to, 5. a3 is never played there. 5. 0-0 is the move in over 80% of games.

One point of the game that struck me was the possibility of 9. g4 Bxg4 10. hxg4 Nxg4 11. Be3 Nxe3 12. fxe3 Bxe3. You have 3 pawns for the piece and with Qf6 and 0-0-0, or g5-g4. You may be able to muster something against the white king. (Would be nice to have b5 in so that Nd4 is available.)

Maybe it's worth looking at the sac the other way. 9. g4 Nxg4 10. hxg4 Bxg4 ... Maybe black should throw in b5 first so that Nd4 is available. It looks like that needs to be played before 8. ... Bg4.

So maybe 8. ... b5 9. Bb3 Bg4 and then it's dangerous to try to drive away the bishop with h3 and g4 because of your better development.

Wahrheit said...

(Laughs), I was on the losing end this time, anon. but yeah, I "was even worse."

wang--you can go to Chess Publisher, put in a pgn game score and it will give you a little piece of code to copy and paste in to your blog.

loomis--excellent point, I looked at sacrifices on g4 during the game and didn't think I got enough, but your idea is an improved version.

Thank you for your comments--I'm linking to all of you (dk is already there).

wang said...

I cannot get the thing to work on my blog! Do you highlight all of the code and put it in the "code" section of a post or is there something I'm missing?