Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'm playing around with the blog format--this isn't a final product, but it's lively!

Any feedback in the comments on what readers like (and, especially, don't like) is much appreciated.

UPDATE 07/02/07: Still futzing around. Actual posts of substance instead of this sort of thing, coming soon.


DG said...

I like the picture, but it's too big. I have to scroll down just to see the top of the most recent post. It's usually better if your readers can start reading your blog without having to scroll down (i.e., one action is better than two from a usability perspective).

Wahrheit said...

Noted--temporarily remove for repair. Thanks!

transformation said...

that you are socially inclusive or rleational cannot hurt. this need not stop.

at the same time, i noticed that you had a LOT more narative two months ago (or so) and this is what pulled me to you and which i yearn for more of.

short posts in connecting with others [and me!] are most salutary, but write more what is the real you and worry less about what we'd like.

keep the short stuff to connect; and maintain narative on real chess process. if time is short, draft in outlook, and day by day accumulate. then post when the tank is full.

ive lost some readers, but gained new ones worth far more to me in what they embody. ok?

please e m* ai *l me at dk_experiment






warmest, dk

transformation said...

have your heard of the blue devil dialogues? my post :)

Blue Devil Knight said...

Overall I like the new feel. The banner may need a little tweaking though.

I agree with DG, though it looks like you probably already made it smaller. The blue text on the picture is a little bit hard to see. Maximize contrast....

It is tough to make a banner with a square picture. I struggled until I came up with the banner for my chess team page. At first I had a huge picture of the board, so people had to scroll down.

Unfortnately, if you make your pic much smaller it will be hard to see what it is. It will end up looking like a prostitute grabbing a guy's package. Perhaps give a detail of the image instead, cropping and expanding size, placing the text outside of the pic?

chessloser said...

nice picture, not bad format...i'm happy as long as i can read what you are writing...