Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Let's Add Some More Great Chess Blogs!

I'm going to reorganize the links and other sidebar stuff soon, but right now I'm just going to correct some omissions by adding links that I should have gotten to some time ago.

Patzer's Corner (Wang) is a fine blog by a hardworking blogger who is working hard to improve. Also, he was recommended by chessloser. With all of this going for him, he MUST be on the blogroll. Now.

The Back Rank (Loomis) is by a Knight who offers many interesting games and positions for your consideration.

Finally, I don't know how I missed adding the excellent and well-known Temposchlucker (since I've linked to him before in posts). You can find out a great deal by reading dk's new essay.

There are a number of other fine blogs that will be added during the remodel coming soon. I think I'll categorize the links, as well, and add some other playing sites, puzzle sites, etc. Watch This Space!


Loomis said...

Thanks for the nod. I've really enjoyed getting to know the chess blogger community over the last year. It's a really nice group of people -- and interesting too!

transformation said...

i wont miss you robert. no, not at all. see list. :)

thoughts all day of wormwood, so all done in my head.

photos selected.

he is the dinner guest of honor, as i will explain. a big meal.

sartre says, in nausia, hell is other people?

we can instead say, heaven is the mirror of other beings.