Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Comings and Goings

Some of our very favorite blogs are more or less on hiatus right now:

Chess Improvement (dk-transformation) is pushing hard on his work with Chess Tactics Server, CT-Art 3.0, 1001 Sacrifices and Combinations, and the rest of his amazing, focused and productive life.

hardcore pawnography (chessloser) is off to sunny Spain; "i'll be back hopefully in july." Watch out my friend, other men have gone to Spain and never returned to their humdrum bourgeois lives back in the States...

Dread Pirate Josh stopped posting back in December, right around the time I put him on the sidebar--I seem to have that effect on people :); the same thing happened with Hungarian Knight (e4c5.net), for as soon as I put up a link his site crashed--but at least he has the coolest "blog under repair" photo ever.

Qxh7 is back on a fairly regular basis after a long hiatus.

Grandpatzer had wrist surgery, but implies "back soon" so we can look forward to more of his excellent work.

I'm sorry I never took the time to link to chessdad64's The 64 Square Jungle, and now, well:

For the time being, this is all I have to say.

1 comment:

transformation said...


...not totally gone, just a wee little pause of some kind...

CT-Art daily... a beast, but a jewel of a beast.

worked 14 of last 16 days as required at my job monthly, and am shot now... all interconnected.

warmest, dk
ps did you see BDK's big post? the big one right behind this new tiny entry. a real howl.