Monday, August 08, 2011

Some of the All-Time Chess Wisdom, Courtesy of Nigel Davies

I rediscovered this, which is more useful than any of my long-form blatherings:

It really doesn’t matter what you study, the important thing is to use this as a
training ground for thinking rather than trying to assimilate a mind-numbing
amount of information. In these days of a zillion different chess products this
message seems to be quite lost, and indeed most people seem to want books that tell them what to do. The reality is that you’ve got to move the pieces around the board and play with the position. Who does that? Amateurs don’t, GMs do.

Read the Whole Thing in the Chess Cafe Archives.


Tommyg said...

Hey Robert!

I normally don't do a shameless plug for my blog but seeing how you post so much cool music I thought you might be interested in my latest post.

I took a break from chess and instead posted my picks for 15 greatest rock and roll albums of all time. It is of course a VERY subjective list and is also meant to stir up a little debate.

I am going to continue with a few music posts for the next week or so. I mean I can only deal with so many pawn formations! :)

Have a great Sunday!

Robert Pearson said...

Tommy, I'll be happy to do a shameless plug for you :)

The Mascot said...

The reality is amateurs have a life; GMs don't. (That's why we're cooler than them.)

Robert Pearson said...

@The Mascot--well,you're cooler than them, and a lot more slender too.