Friday, March 12, 2010

Memorable Game 8: 2002 Alaska State Ch., R. Pearson - Jim Hanlen 1-0

The 2002 Alaska State Championship was one of my best tournaments; three wins, one loss, a half point bye, a tie for 4th place and the State Class B Championship trophy.  I believe I even obtained some fraction of a Grand Prix point.

The last round of this tournament was another memorable game, which I'll get to next (it was also sweet revenge for the thrashing I got in Memorable Game 7).  Before that, in round 2, I managed to defeat my friend Jim Hanlen, who is also current Alaska State Champion.  Jim was kind enough to write me recently and say that I ought to publish a game I won against the reigning champ.  Here it is:


LinuxGuy said...

Great game!

It seems like his mistake was playing ...f6 instead of Nac7 to keep you from doubling his pawns and to develop the Black knight. Of course, hindsight is 20/20 compared to what seemed right at the time. Nice tactical finish!

From the patzer said...

Nice combination to finish the game!

Polly said...

I like that ending! Very entertaining game.