Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Message of Hope

(NOTE: For the record, I did not write the copy below. It is one of those things passed along through the Tubes until the origin is hidden in the mists. All hele to whoever did put it together!)

I seldom pass along inspirational stuff, but this one got to me.
I believe, in these difficult and mean-spirited times in which we
live, there needs to be a message of Hope.

We can all use a single image that speaks to us of love, harmony,
peace and joy.

An image that suggests the universality of us all.

I have been sent that image, and I want to share it with you all.
All I ask that all of you take a moment to reflect on it.



Tommyg said...

This is wonderful!! And now I am off to have a Guiness!!

From the patzer said...

So its not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but a beerstore. I guess i can stop my quest now since Belgium is known as the land of beer (and chocolates).

Liquid Egg Product said...

If that were rum instead of beer, I'd be all over it!

Polly said...

Lucky Tiger! I had some good Belgium beer in Holland. I also brought back some Belgium chocolate truffles. Maybe on my next trip over there I'll have to make a pit stop in Belgium.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photograph. I have only seen one rainbow in the past 15 years or more.