Thursday, December 27, 2007

Secrets of a Grandpatzer, Part 4

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As we continue this series on Dr. Kenneth Mark Colby's rare book Secrets of a Grandpatzer I thought that for a change I'd give an example of his play, a game I especially enjoy because the final position is so aesthetically pleasing:

Now that's what they mean when they talk about piece coordination!

And here's the whole game (or fragment--White may have staggered on for a few moves) with the author's notes. If you want to play the King's Indian, always be alert to the Nxe4 shot when the White King is stuck in the center. It occurs in a lot of different variations:


chessboozer said...

Are you trying to tell us something with this new pink background

Glenn Wilson said...

Nice game.

Robert Pearson said...

Chessboozer--I did it especially for you!

Anonymous said...

wow, that was some hardcore action on black's part. violent, decisive chess. so simple, all the moves meant something, not one wasted move. wow.

chessboozer said...