Friday, August 24, 2007

Pearson-C. Harrington 08.23.07 1-0

I got a win last night against Chris Harrington (here is our draw from last month) in a maneuvering game out of a slightly off-beat Nimzoindian Defense. At least, for the second game in a row I didn't play any really poor moves or blunders, just being careful and sound...on move 29 I calculate ahead to a queen ending where I'm a pawn up, and I was willing to play that for another couple of hours if necessary. I enjoy queen endings and I've had some success in winning them. But he immediately makes the fatal mistake of 32. ... Qe4, going into a losing pawn endgame. In the postmortem he said he was afraid of my Qc1+ and Qxb2, going two pawns down, but that would allow perpetual check. I would have just had to grind away, and he would have had good drawing chances. So all in all not a scintillating victory but a good, practical effort.

To view the game, paste the moves below into the pgn viewer.

White: Robert Pearson (1605)
Black: Chris Harrington (1428)
Reno CC Swiss 08.23.07
30/90, G/60
Nimzoindian Defense

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. e3 c5 5. Ne2 Ne4 6. Qc2 d5 7. a3 Bxc3 8. Nxc3 Nxc3 9. Qxc3 cxd4 10. exd4 0-0 11. Bd3 Nc6 12. Be3 Qc7 13. 0-0 f5 14. cxd5 exd5 15. g3 Be6 16. Rac1 Rac8 17. b4 Qe7 18. Qd2 h6 19. Rfe1 Qf6 20. Bf1 Rf7 21. b5 Ne7 22. Bf4 Rxc1 23. Rxc1 Ng6 24. Bd6 Qd8 25. Bb4 Rc7 26. Re1 Bf7 27. Bd3 Ne7 28. Qf4 Bg6 29. Rxe7 Rxe7 30. Bxe7 Qxe7 31. Bxf5 Bxf5 32. Qxf5 Qe4 33. Qxe4 dxe4 34. f4 exf3 35. Kf2 Kf7 36. Kxf3 Ke6 37. Ke4 Kd6 38. g4 a5 39. h4 g6 40. a4 Ke6 41. h5 g5 42. b6 Kd6 43. Kf5 1-0


Douglas Stewart said...

I would definitely consider a .. dxc4 plan instead of .. f5. At least then Black can hope for some play against an isolated d-pawn.

Robert Pearson said...

Thanks for the comment...I agree, it would give him a more active position than the game.

Anonymous said...

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