Friday, April 13, 2007

When a Beginner is Not a Beginner

I posted on one earlier occasion about the deep-thinking philosophical/political blog Eternity Road and how I was pleasantly surprised one day to see a chess game score and diagram posted there.

Now things have become even more interesting, as Fran Porretto has posted four more games, not played by himself but by...well let him explain:

Every now and then, an acquaintance will ask your Curmudgeon for chess instruction, and he's always happy to comply. Most recently, your Curmudgeon undertook to lead Fetiche (WARNING--LINK CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT) a bit deeper into the mysteries of the game, and she's proved both apt and enthusiastic about it.

One cannot know beforehand what sort of overall attitude a new player will bring to the game. Fetiche, a gorgeously petite and delicate young woman, has exhibited a killer instinct that a professional boxer would envy. Here's a delightful example:

(See the four games here)

Also, there's this comment:

When she sent this game to your Curmudgeon for his perusal, he was puzzled. White's earlier play made him look like a fairly good player. How, he asked, did Fetiche manage to net him so neatly?

"It was easy," she said. "I started flirting with him and talking about sex."

Internet players, BEWARE if you see this FeticheNouvell handle looking for a game--and forget about the sex talk; I would estimate it took me at least two years to become as good as she is after five months...


transformation said...

dear robert, seems our paths have not crossed, till now, but saw you at blueDevils sidebar, "blogs that i read".

briefly, if i may, at such a late hour as it is out west by now... nice blog, and will look for you in the future.

warmly, david seattle

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