Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blogging Additions

Secrets of Grandpatzer Chess:

I have been studying chess seriously since 1993, when I was in my early 20s. I am currently a C-class player (USCF) that hopes to become a B-class player before senility sets in (...)

who provides plenty of chess food for thought, for example a series of articles on Openings for Improving Players.


chess improvement:

Born in New Jersey and educated in New York, after practicing architecture, I lived in a zen temple in Korea, did a long stint on Wall Street as a Senior Broker, studied with a guru who lived with Maharishi in India, and now work at a big box retailer. I try to be pretty straightforward in my conduct.

Intriguing, no? His blog isn't easy to categorize--just read and enjoy!

(h/t on Grandpatzer to Blue Devil Knight)

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transformation said...

very kind. acknowledging our peers can NEVER hurt!

i was actually ranked one, three, or five in a major product category at Migrain Stintley in 2000 out of TWELVE THOUSAND PERSONS , and now i work in tools at a retailer, after windows and doors, flooring, lumber. do i know tools? no. but i know how to satisfy people. and i get to wear shorts and a t-shirt YEAR round, even in snow... i meet 1500 people a week, and, believe me, i pattern the information. five years this way. after 100,000 phone calls as a broker. 400k+100k = half a million contacts.

two years ago, we had an orthopedic surgeon come to work for us, having walked out of an operating room in a huff, to do cabinets, but if the truth be told, he was a baker, a printer, and bought his first property at age 16, so he understood physicality.

just goes to show you, you never know in retail who a guy is. the guy at my paint counter, threw away ALL his Armani suites, and ran $3M companies, in large systems, refusing to tell me details, and as a friend, says for my safety its better if i dont know, he used to work in bunkers with guys carrying machine guns. guy sleeps 3 hours per day, and now at age 59.5 reads Gibbon, Marcus Aurelius, and Nietzsche.

yasser seirwan took me to lunch a few weeks ago with his wife, so my net goes wide. when i left my guru, for an entire year, she came to me at night and continued to teach me, in my sleep. odd? no. yassers mom was a practicing psychic, and i have this gift, abiet, i cannot will it to come or go, but when i date a new gal, simply say, 'whatever you do, please dont lever lie to me or ill know'.

i dreamed the first 9/11 attack. i no longer fit in a normal usa corporate box, and what to do now is a thought for a late night scotch, but i quit to keep my channel running clean.

2700 hits in three years. consistency wins the race.

warmly, dk