Monday, April 02, 2007

More Great Chess Links video on the Web seems to be taking off, with a number of bloggers starting to do their own; I posted about Patrick's at Chess For Blood awhile back. Now there is, where you can enjoy their instructive pieces and post your own, all for free. Thanks very much to Josh Specht for doing the work!

Also new to the links list, Ryan Emmett's SonOfPearl's Chess Blog. Kind of eclectic, and a lot of fun--hopefully that also describes this blog.


By the way, if you stop by and I don't have your chess-related blog on the sidebar, leave a comment and I'll look into adding it (must be about chess, have some semblance of rational thought :)


Ryan Emmett said...

Hi Robert.

Thanks for the mention and thanks also for the Chess-Videos link - looks great!

Goran said...

How about and