Monday, April 16, 2007

The King of Chess Comedy

A few days ago I linked to a new blogger, chessloser, with the remark that "Chess is supposed to be fun, right?"

Well, chessloser is rapidly rising to the top of the chess blogosphere in terms of laugh value per post! Here are a few recent samples:

i'm just like tal, only i lose:

the only difference, really, between him and me is, he knew what he was doing, he calculated and analized and had a plan, and he won the majority of his games, where as i have the wreckless sacrificing down pat, the bravado, but i don’t back any of it up with sound play or a halfway decent plan, i often fail to see the consequences of my moves, and then i lose miserably. but, every once in a while, i catch someone on a bad day, and it works out for me, like in this game here.


in move 10, i take that damned horse, because he pisses me off, and i want to attack the castle but he gets in the way, so i am a bishop down but in my bizarro world, i now have the advantage...

Also, the hottest chess photo ever (don't worry, not pornographic), is available at the bottom of the post.

holy freakin' crap:

the second game, when i was white, i had sacrificed my pieces like some crazy aztec high priest trying to appease the gods, i was down to a queen and a rook, he had a queen, a rook, and both horses. i did have more pawns, so if i made it to an endgame, i’d be in good shape. i made a final sac of my rook, which he took with his horse, which i wanted. the horse was guarding a square i needed, and he didn’t even know it. that square let me skewer his king and take his queen. all i had was a queen, he had both horses and a rook, and from there, it was a series of forks as i took out piece by piece, like a sniper.

WARNING: If an occasional obscenity or profanity offends you, don't go over there. If Don Imus offends you, don't go over there. Otherwise, for a unique chess blog experience, DO go over there.


chessloser said...

thanks for write up and mention, you rock!

Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

Yeah, he definitely has a laugh value per post :-)

Blue Devil Knight said...

TDs should hire him to do stand-up at chess tournaments. People are too uptight at tourneys these days. He's inspired me to inject a bit more levity into my blog.

In general, there has been a simply amazing influx of great chess bloggers lately. While I miss Temposchlucker and Patrick, I think their absence is being filled nicely by some very talented writers and chess thinkers.

Fhernd said...

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Anonymous said...

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