Monday, April 30, 2007

A Game Won, and "Real Life" Goes On

I said blogging would be light in my previous post, but didn't think a whole week would go by...anyway, a lot of renovation has been going on at mi casa and that made it difficult to get to the computer for much of the time.

Meanwhile, I did manage to win a game in the Reno CC Championship qualifier, against Mauricio Amaya, who is the lowest rated player in my section but is showing steady improvement, including second place in the class D sectional earlier this year.

This time I opened 1. e4 and he played the Cozio Defense to the Ruy Lopez, which is very difficult to handle. I won a pawn with a superior position early and steadily ground out the win, picking off a couple more pawns before he resigned around move 38. So that leaves my fate in my own hands in the qualifier; all I have to do is defeat the 2005 club champion and a 1900 player in the last two games. I'll give it my best.

I have the bye this week, then will be on vacation from May 6-10, but I do have some articles and essays in the works that aren't about me. After all, "Me, me, me is dull, dull, dull!" as some very perceptive person once said.

You won't have to wait another week for it, either.


chessloser said...

i don't find you you you dull at all...

congrats on the win!

Anonymous said...

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