Monday, April 09, 2007

Reno Chess Club Class Champions

And now, some acknowledgment for my fellow competitors at the Reno Chess Club--or the class champs, anyway. As readers of this little blog know, Steve Kesti defeated me 4-2 in a match for the Class B Championship; the other sections were thankfully populated by more than two players, and there was a curious symmetry to the results:

In the Expert section Bill Case was only on 1/3 after the first half of a four-man double round robin, but scored 3/3 in the second half to tie for the lead and then won the playoff 2-0 at G/75 with Terry Alsasua, reigning club champion, to take the title.

In Class A George Fischer took the same course: 1/3 in the first half, then 3/3 and a 2-0 playoff win against reigning A champ David Peterson.

Class C saw Hadi Soltani crush the field with 5/5--you're a C-player no more, Hadi!

And in D/E George Smith whitewashed the rest at 4/4, so George is now well into Class C.

Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone who participated. And now, on to the Club Championship Qualifying Tournament!

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