Thursday, January 31, 2008

Links o' the Day

In the chess blog kingdom, I finally get around to adding Takchess and Lousy@Chess, two blogs that thoroughly deserve your visit.

In the "Fine Non-chess" list, added Eternity Road, where I'm a (fortunate) co-contributor, and High Heels, where Fetiche posts her uniquely entertaining take on high-heeled footwear, and life, when she's not busy with business and playing brilliant chess.

My chess blog list is getting a bit unwieldy, and soon I'm going to have to delete those who haven't posted in 100 days or so. We're all busy with "Real Life" but throw your readers a bone every month or two, people.


tanc(happyhippo) said...

Thanks Wahrheit for the support! :)

Anonymous said...

BDK's rotating blogroll is a super idea. I may need to start doing that soon (along with adding a few links).

transformation said...

i am not in favor of the rotating blog roll, but appreciate those who do it.

first: your comment as to folks writing now and again, and removing those who dont, 'throw us a bone'. exactly. amen brother.

second, who we link to, how we do it, and in what order says as much about us as it does them. creative blogrolls involve value judgement, and the rotation avoids this. no.

my two cents. warmest, dk