Sunday, January 27, 2008

Losing to My Dentist

So I finally got the chance to play Hadi Soltani (my dentist, as referenced here). He had to postpone our game a week and a half ago so I agreed to play him at his home this afternoon. It was strange days indeed...

On the Black side of a QGD Tarrasch Defense I started sacrificing material on move 5, one two three pawns, then an Exchange; by move 13 it was just crazy, completely out of control. Not my usual style at all, but I had a big attack for some big sacrifices. He kept finding moves that held on and by move 20 the investment was a whole rook, but he had one knight developed and I had a whole army. Finally the pressure got to him and he hung a rook, leaving me one pawn down still with an attack and then...I hung my frickin' queen! Sheeeeeesh, just moved it where he could take it, it was a killer shot except for that one small detail.

I haven't done much of this bad blundering lately, but at least the rest of the game was a real slugfest--I have no idea what was sound and what wasn't, this game needs a lot of analysis, I'll post ASAP.


tanc(happyhippo) said...

Hello Robert,


Hmmm... playing your dentist at his home. Sounds kinda dangerous. Have you ever watched the movie The Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier?

Is it safe? :D

Fetiche Nouvelle said...

Silly boy, what on Earth possessed you to play the Tarrasch Defense? Where was your King's Indian?

Wahrheit said...

Fetiche, your point is well taken. When I publish the game, I will expound.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned before, we all suspect you lost on purpose so the good dentist will use Novocaine instead of a placebo on your next visit. I know you can't actually say it out loud, but don't worry, we understand.