Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Good Test

So I'll be playing my first tournament game tonight in the Reno Chess Club Class B Ch. after six weeks of inactivity (not counting some training). I was on vacation for most of the last week, haven't studied much for several days, and have some kind of nasty virus--this is NOT a set of excuses, I'm going to look at tonight as an opportunity to show mental toughness! I'm playing someone I've never met over the board, Vern Young (1762) and with just four rounds this Class Ch. is not very long, so a great effort is needed now.

I'm going in with a resolve to just do my best and I'll be happy if I can pull that off, whatever the result of the game. Probably, this attitude is more conducive to playing well than going in saying "I've got to win!"

This post is my effort at a little psyching up. I'll let you know tomorrow how it all went down.

(BTW, Soapstone, drunknite and Eric Shoemaker have all posted on their first round games. I had the bye).


Rocky said...

Good positive thinkging! Keep it up ... you'll do great!

Wahrheit said...

I appreciate the encouragement very much, Rocky! Thank you.

happyhippo said...

best of luck! i'm sure you'll give your opponent a run for the money!