Thursday, December 07, 2006

You Tricky Pawn Endings!

Here's a very tricky pawn ending, with White to play. What's the best move? (I'm not gonna say win, lose or draw--that would be too easy!).

(From Garcia-Quinteros, Moscow 1982, courtesy of, who I've been remiss in not linking on the sidebar. Until now).

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Anonymous said...

Win for white :)

1 e5.
If dxe5, advance the g pawn, deflect the king to capture on g7, then d6. If cxd, then c7, otherwise dxc and queen. The black pawns cannot queen against the white king.
If black doesn't capture on e5, parry the black pawn advance threats, then exd, followed by the same strategy outlined above.

Am I even close?