Friday, December 15, 2006

A Great Computer Game

Via the always outstanding and useful Kenilworthian here's Shredder-Rybka, from June of this year, wherein Shredder gets shredded in fine fashion. I must say, though, that the annotation on Black's 27th move is a little over the top ("A fantastic move! Instead of taking the queen (which would win too), Black leaves his own rook under the queen's threat. But actually, White is helpless." - Deviatkin). After looking at the position for a few minutes I was able to work out the variations, which aren't really that long. In a tournament game, I probably would have taken the Queen, I'll admit.

Overall, it's an excellent game and if it had been played by Tal, Fischer or Kasparov it would probably have made it into their 'best games' books.

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