Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Opening Studies

A few of the guys at the Reno Chess Club are now getting together on Sunday evenings to study openings from the book The Chess Advantage in Black and White by IM Larry Kaufman. I'm going to be joining them--I wondered if any of my readers had any experience with this book and could add to the reviews I read over at Amazon.


Anonymous said...

Josh Friedel taught a course around the same book at the MetroWest CC last year.

I think it is a good book and the repertoire is solid. You also get to do both White and Black from the same inexpensive and widely available book. Personally, I rather prefer the Chess Openings...Explained series from Alburt et. al. especially for players below expert. But Kaufmann's recommendations are solid, so you can't go wrong with his repertoire.

Wahrheit said...

Thanks very much for the feedback!