Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Okay, after two consecutive non-chess posts I feel compelled to do something on chess here at my, ummm, CHESS BLOG. If you'd like to read something non-chessy wherein I take on a couple of nattering nabobs of negativism, click this:

"I think both writers of the above wail need Paxil, or perhaps a revolver, a cartridge and some courage."

Oh yes, back to CHESS. Here is a very interesting page on the Logical Chess site with the best games of "readers like you." I think that means us non-masters. Anyway, I was struck by the nice game replayer--I don't know how they did it but it's very clean. Personally, I just signed up to Glenn Wilson's Chess Flash, and someday I'll actually post some games with it. You should try it--or, if you just have a game you'd like to publish, send it to me in .pgn or just drop the moves into the comments and maybe it will give me the motivation to start working with the thing and get this chess blog hot again. Perhaps I'll become the hub for good amateur games and all the cool people will start to hang out here.


transformation said...

all is well.

just to let you know, i finally got to come by and its great to see you back.

can you recommend a good tournement? im serious. i turn fifty in october, and really want to get my uscf back by then. not sure if i can, given crazy work schedules, but long 40 min chat with Lowes District HR Manager tonight, is more encouraging, re getting signed approvals.

my high standards is a big obstacle, but tonight, bringing 'in' lumber carts at then of the day, in a flash, i decided it just like 'that'.

you are delayed on LSAT. can you elaborate. we know you are bright. there must be more. but more of what? tiredness? time? energy? motivation? need? lack of need??

warmest, dk

wang said...

Hey Robert,

When are the Western States Open going to be this year? I can't find any info about it. I was assumming it was going to be in the second week of October agaain. I want to make it out for this one.

Anonymous said...

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