Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back in Business, and Ain't It Grand

Hiatus over.

I played a few blitz games last night on FICS and felt like a rusty nail in an acid bath, won one or two and dropped a bunch. That's okay, I think the break has made me Hunger for chess, and blogging, again.

Chessloser hit Vegas, castled long (0-0-0) in the last three rounds after starting 3-0, and he's feeling a little down about it. As who wouldn't? A natural, healthy reaction. In the comments, I advise a break. We ALL need a break, from time to time. Things go in cycles, including the Sun; it would be really, really HIlarious if it turned out that increasing carbon dioxide levels were the only thing between us and the next Ice Age. (h/t Instapundit)

To everything, there is a season.

I'm playing in the Tournament of the LEPers II starting in a week or so, I feel like I'm having fun again with chess, after swearing off the five-hour grind. It's amazing how rusty I've gotten after just a few weeks with no tactics work, no games and no studying of any kind, but I'm also not all wound up with the wins and losses and rating points. I could lose all the games in the LEPers event and I'll be all right. Amazing.

I've postponed my LSAT, mentioned in the previous post, until October. After a lot of research and practice, I've decided I'm going to spend another 150 hours of prep. Unlike chess, this is a game that seems to work in a roughly linear fashion, time spent studying to final score. Not true when you get to the very right edge of the bell curve, but close enough to make it worthwhile. Maybe I'll get a great score and go to some really stuffy law school back East and become a wealthy shark in a three piece suit--or maybe I'll just stay where I am for the next twenty years and have a great life. Law school, I can take it or leave it, like chess.

I'm very relaxed these days.

I'll get back to posting games soon--in addition to some mildly interesting stuff from the final stage of my five-hour grind career, I've got some older contests that might amuse, and even instruct. I'm going to start using the excellent Glenn Wilson's ChessFlash.


Anonymous said...

See, this is how life could be for more people. Relaxed. Things are too complicated and hectic.

Anyway, good to see you're back a little early. Need to figure out the Chess Flash thing.

Polly said...

Welcome back! Wanna hear a few lawyer jokes? :-)

Eric Shoemaker said...

Hi Robert, I know how you feel. I think Ernie is taking a little break also. I felt great after 10 days off!! My organization is much better and I made some progress in other areas.

In the Crystal Skull Swiss, Christensen played me tough as usual. He played a line of defense I often use. It's posted on my blog site.

Nobis said...

I'm back! My blog is open again.
Can you link it as I did for you?
Thank you.

takchess said...

Hi Warheit,

Are you around for game tonight around 7.oo est . (can be later)

Thursday the 17th

takchess said...

Ill be around this week end. send me a note on my blog.