Monday, June 23, 2008

A Stylistic Adjustment

Since I'm not so uptight about chess and my rating anymore, I've been experimenting over at FICS with various openings while playing blitz; yes, blitz, the most pernicious, degrading, scandalous, dangerous form of chess there is.

I used to stick mostly to my tournament opening repertoire, even when playing fast chess. Now that I'm not so focused on improvement, but on play, in the last week or so I've trotted out a lot of stuff like the Danish Gambit, 1. Nc3, 1. f4, and as Black 1. ... Nc3, the Modern/Pirc and so on. I still play my main lines from time to time, as well.

The result has been a gain of 50-60 rating points in blitz. There seems to be more flexibility and daring in my play now. It's fresher.

We'll see how this works in the Tournament of the LEPers (II) at G/15 + 30s, but opponents be warned; anything could happen.


Glenn Wilson said...

I have two words for the new you:
Wilson Gambit.

Folks that worry about blitz hurting their real chess are confused: blitz is the real chess. :)

Wahrheit said...

Glenn, I'm ready! I've gotta admit I played a couple of BDGs as White during my recent blitz adventures but I will make it a point to play the Wilson ASAP.

Glenn Wilson said...

Oh no! What have I done? :-)

Anonymous said...

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