Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Some Must Reads

Blue Devil Knight--more great video book reviews! Humor, music, and calling a piece of crap a piece of crap, and not a piece of rose-scented excrement.

Phaderus--some superb advice on how to enjoy winning a won game, even when the opponent plays on in a hopeless position.

The utterly inimitable chessloser--a tournament report like no other, including Blunderprone, pizza, Grandmasters, strippers and more wins than losses! Plus, he's coming to Reno again soon!


Dana Mackenzie--ratings, Churchill and democracy.

drunknknite--looks like he'll be an Expert in the near future, and one reason why is the great work he puts in on his own games and annotations.

Wang--rages against the machine. He's showing lots of improvement via "old-fashioned" methods that don't involve analysis by Fritzie.

Grandpatzer--does some superb endgame analysis.

Soapstone--wonders what he really wants from chess, as most of us do sometimes.

Loomis--punishes some mixed systems by White in the Sicilian with beautifully precise chess.

There is so much good content being provided us these days! Hit some links, do some searches and you never know what kind of enjoyable and instructive material you might come across.


Phaedrus said...

This blog is becoming the "lets go" guide of internetchess.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Very helpful user's guide to the blogoshere you've been giving lately (and I'm not saying that just because you mentioned my blog again).

wang said...

Wow, yet more Robert Pearson love for wang! Thanks for the links and the shouts man, I appreicate it. With your help I might soon have as many as 3 people visiting my blog everyday!

transformation said...

clearly i am off the A list now!

ChargingKing said...

Mr. Pearson I presume...be ready for a BLOODY battle this Thursday.

I'm going king hunting!

Giordano Sagredo said...

DK everything is about you.