Friday, March 28, 2008

New, Good and Useful

Michael Aigner, whose great report and photos from Reno's Far West Open were mentioned here yesterday, also writes the excellent fpawn chess blog.

I've linked her in a few previous posts, but really, how could I have neglected to permanently sidebar Elizabeth Vicary's USCL News and Gossip (which covers so much more than just the USCL)? Most of all, she's having fun, and can any of us really say we have too much of THAT already?

Both Michael and Elizabeth also write regularly for Chess Life, which is to the magazine's credit.

Finally, I've recently been using the Shredder site, especially their online openings database. If you don't have ChessBase or something like it just feed the moves of your games in and see how far you followed in the footsteps of the masters. You can also play Shredder for practice, and there's a database of ending positions.



ChargingKing said...

The Shredder base seems ok if you don't have Chessbase Big Database or Megadatabase...but I was disappointed that they don't have some lines that I have been studying.

Wahrheit said...

Well, the Shredder dbase only has the moves played in master games so if you don't see your move there we are about to see a TN, baby!

Elizabeth Vicary said...

thank you!