Monday, March 24, 2008

Far West Open Reports

I didn't play in the Far West Open in Reno over the weekend, mainly because work took me away from the first two rounds on Friday, but also because of family time on Easter Weekend; it was probably for the best. I am on hiatus for a few weeks and intend to return to tournament play "Tanned, rested and ready" at the beginning of May. Meanwhile, I'll be researching and writing about physical and psychological factors in chess results.

And speaking of results, it appears that the chess blogger's contingent did quite well at the Far West; I just spoke to chessloser by phone as he powered across the vast emptiness of the American desert on his way back to Colorado, where he will arrive with the very satisfying score of 4 points in the 6 game tournament and $101.50 in prize money. As he said, "I'm a professional chess player now!" I was very happy to hear he'd had a good time in Reno away from the tournament hall, as well.

ChargingKing also came out of the tournament with a plus score, but doesn't sound too satisfied with 3.5/6 in his recent post about it. He's just going to use that dissatisfaction as a spur to further improvement, however, so "Look out!" future opponents...

Soapstone gave a good effort and had some interesting games in going 3/6 in the Open against players averaging 2125 in USCF rating. So I guess that means a 2125 performance for him; congratulations, Ernie! He summarizes here, hinting at publishing least 8 games (his and others') from the tournament for his readership. I'm looking forward to them! He also reports that drunknknite scored 3/6 in the Open Section and confirmed his status as an Expert. I'm sure we'll be seeing a report and games from him as well.

Congratulations to all; I hope to see them, and YOU, Dear Reader, at the totally awesome 26th Annual Western States Open in October. Make your plans now and we'll have an even bigger, better chess blogger bash planned.

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