Wednesday, October 24, 2007


(UPDATE 10/25/07--How could I forget Reno Chess Club bloggers A King's Quest and Soapstone's Studio? Sorry, guys. Also, some linkage to Douglas L. Stewart, a Mississippi Expert who's been kind enough to comment on my games.)

It's been too long since I updated the links on this site--lots of good blogs out there that need to be added, a few that changed or disappeared, so I've added:

Rook Van Winkle, Scholastic Chess Gateway, Steve Learns Chess, Getting to 2000, Liquid Egg Product, Out of the Ether, Samurai Chess, Chess, Goddess and Everything, Castling Queenside, Jack Le Moine, and ChessUSA.

In order not to let the list get too long I've deleted a few blogs that had disappeared or hadn't posted in a long time. Hungarian Knight, where are you?

I'm adding a small non-chess section of things that readers might find of interest, as well:

Mythology, What Jeff Killed, Motivator (Create Poster), and Robert A. Heinlein Bio.

If you have a chess blog, or a blog that sometimes gets into chess and you're not listed, please post a comment and I'll add you to the ranks.


ChargingKing said...

Add mine on there Mr. Pearson!

A King's Quest

Wahrheit said...

Oops--of course, you and Ernie!

Out_of_the_Ether said...

Thanks for the linkage! ...Rich

transformation said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
transformation said...

if you like to browse, see my tool bar. you can find much there for profit; and i miss little, and add to it or move stuff more than twice per week, id have to say.

i for my own reasons keep the dead wood, but move it all down, and update who is current constantly. for example, i had Zweiblumen, Steve Wollkind well up in the second group, but he has not posted since 04 oct. this means i WILL

{i'll leave for a day, so you can glance at it, if you wish. no obligation, pls}

move him down one group, to the top of that group.

if i find others in group below who are active and making good stuff, i move them to the bottom of the group above.

the architect in me knows to 'make it' then sit on it and see if the solution fits. if a persons location seems right, i keep em there.

my groups are filled with these: those coming up, and those down.

in systems, these are, i believe, what might be called boundary phenomenon. involved buffering and stratification...

like any iterative process, the resolotion is NOT where i put folks, but regular evaluation...

what can i say? architecture, chess, stocks, the soul? these are all patterns, what i love on earth.

warmest, dk

Anonymous said...

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