Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Kasparov to Take On Putin

Not strictly chess, but hey, it's my blog...

Max Boot comments on the strategic background:

It is easy to be cynical about the motives of most politicians. But it is hard, if not impossible, to think of any self-interest that Kasparov has in doing what he is doing. He is truly a hero. I only hope he does not become a martyr.

Me, too, though I don't think that Putin is stupid enough to make him one.


Eric Shoemaker said...

Hi Robert, being the closet tyrant that I am, I can tell you that if Putin wants to remove Kasparov, it will be no problem.

You're right, it would be stupid to make Kasparov a martyr. However, he could be locked away in prison for many years and not heard from again.

False images of him being a drunken bum and playing chess along with some false story would perpetuate the lie for many years to come, while he languishes in prison for the remainder of his days.

Meanwhile, I, Vladimir Putin have removed a dangerous adversary without making him a martyr.

I'm so glad I am not in politics. It scares me sometimes how easily I could fit into the role of Dictator/Tyrant.


Eric Shoemaker said...

I forgot to mention that many of his political friends do not have the same fame he has and so they could be removed by the usual means and eventually, the only question heard from the people would be, "Whatever happened to Kasparov?"


Anonymous said...

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