Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Homer Nods (I)

Chess is a hard game, and everyone up to World Champion has those moments when the simplest- seeming point is overlooked. Almost all of us below that level enjoy seeing the masters play like rank amateurs from time to time; hence my new series 'Homer Nods.'

From the very interesting Shakmaty Bereoleos, FM Bereleos (Black) kindly shares this moment with us from the 2006 King Island Open vs. Seth Homa (2210):

Black played 37. ... f5. What should White do (Homa didn't...).


DG said...

How about Bxh6

Wahrheit said...

Bingo, DG.

Tom Chivers said...

Easy to spot in a puzzle - hard to spot in a game, out of the blue. That's the trouble!

Wahrheit said...

Right you are, Tom Chivers. I found it to be an intriguing kind of oversight. The point of my new series is, basically, that masters and up also make mistakes, so no matyter who you're playing, just do your best and press on!