Monday, November 13, 2006


I'm making some changes in the sidebar, adding some more good chess links and fixing or removing a few that have gone bad, including Mate in Three, who had pretty much stopped posting about chess anyway, but has now been hijacked. I'm sorry if anyone clicked on it here and had to get out of their browser, as I did, to get away from the B.S. of some 'computer doctor' or whatever it was. To the jackass responsible, may your testicles shrivel to raisins and your toenails become ingrown...

Anyway, enjoy the new links!

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Eric Shoemaker said...

Hi Robert, I just want to say it's amazing how many of these computer geeks/criminals/assholes have nothing better to do with their lives'. In fact, I guess they have no life, save to make life difficult for others. That's pretty sad.

I'm not sure what makes people that way, I mean, what? Do they get up each morning and say to themselves--wow! How can I be an asshole today?

But I feel your pain. Not long ago, some asswipe under the cover of 'anonymous' sent me a virus disguised as it was and I fell for it and then had to contact my computer friend (who's awesome!!) from Taiwan to come and fix my system. On my own though, I did manage to lock the idiot out by force, but only after some pretty unorthodox measures!

Here's the bottom line: Few people are really your friends. They secretly wish for your downfall and smile in your face! That's life. The few you do meet that you can trust, know for sure that those people are vastly outnumbered by incredible numbers.

Here's a philosophical revelation for you: Niccolo Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes both had dark views of mankind (Hobbes was even darker than Machiavelli), and if you look at the world, it appears those views are correct. Eric