Friday, March 10, 2006


I drew a very exciting game with Laroy O'Doan ( 1668) last night; as White in a Nimzo-Indian I threw the kitchen sink at him and in a combination-rich battle he got me in a perpetual after I won a piece. I'm sure there were wins in there for me--maybe for him, too!

There is some interesting history behind this game. O'Doan was the first A-player I ever beat, back around 1981, when he was rated 1900 and I was 1498 or something like that. I'll have to find the score in my archives, but I never forgot the thrill of beating a good player for the first time. That was a Nimzo-Indian too, but with me on the Black side.

Now Laroy is back in Class B, and so am I. He recently gained 68 points in the January Swiss by scoring 3 of 4, though, to get up off the rating floor.

I'll post the game eventually, or get it put up on the Reno CC archive.

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