Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rule #1 Linkage

Links are the lifeblood of blogging, and the chess blogosphere can always use more! A few quick hits:

Susan Polgar links/reposts a Daily Mail story about the new dress codes for European Chess Union tournaments, mostly focusing on the women...Checkmate! 'No cleavage' dress code makes chess tournaments less sexy than ever. I read the article and it's not as bad as all that:

'In respect to shirts, the second from the top button may also be opened in addition to the very top button.'

More ridiculous, in my view, is: The rules demand 'a pulled-together, harmonious, complete look with colors, fabrics, shoes and accessories, for both men and women.'

Heh, who is going to be the judge of that? Well, it's the EU so they'll have a conference in Brussels, presumably. It'll take days and the food will be delicious.

I received email recently from coolchessgm proprietor Anshuman Jain offering to exchange links. My pleasure. It is a nicely designed site, and he even offers to analyze games. I think I'll take him up on that! I've added him to the sidebar, and in the near future I will be updating and improving that chess blog list over there, along with other site updates. There are a number of blogs that have been inactive for quite awhile and I may move them to an "inactive" category or something. Liquid Egg Product calls them "zombies" and "corpses" but of course I am far too fastidious to use such terms.


James Stripes said...

Links are Internet capital.

That's what I read on Jon Swift's page shortly after I started blogging.

Wahrheit said...

Well said. I even remember Jon Swift from back in those good old days!

Signalman said...

There was an interesting article addressing this dress code issue in an amusing way at Chessbase ( ) . Many comments from the chess world seem to believe this is aimed more at men than women, since many male chess players " dress down" in comparison to women !

Incidentally, the European Chess Union has no connection with the European Union at all ( apart from two shared words :)

If they meet to judge anything it will be at their HQ in Switzerland, not in the EU's in Brussels.

I can agree that the food in Brussels will be good, but having to put up with the state of that city might outweigh that food benefit !

Wahrheit said...

Signalman: good points. Of course I was being hyperbolic for fun--I was pretty sure the two Unions were not directly related. Still, how one is going to judge that "pulled-together, harmonious, complete look" is a tough one no matter which bureaucrats are doing it...