Thursday, March 01, 2012

Next Best of Chess Blogging Post Coming Soon...

I am finally getting on the second "Best of!" Carnival post. It should be done this weekend. I have always felt these posts should have lots of cool images and feel "special'" so your patience will be rewarded.

The first in the Best of series, on openings, was here.

I would love to have even more material for these posts so if you haven't linked something yet, please do so in the comments!

If y'all don't come through with some content I'll let this guy know!

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James Stripes said...

I'm fond of (a piece of history that Edward Winter found worthy of mention is his notes) (a clear comparison of the analysis features of two popular computer programs) (my most popular post: over 12,000 page views) (my list of the ten best games since 1966--submitted in a contest that won me $800 worth of CI disks)