Thursday, June 25, 2009

Juneau Chess Players

This is what our little chess club here in Juneau, Alaska looks like, in the very interesting, glass-walled "fish bowl" room of the Public Library:

That's the cruise ship Amsterdam right out the window! And just opening his computer:

President Brian Bezenek. The guy who has kept the club going for some time. Thanks Brian!

Tom Rozek (left) and Russ McDowell, two of the regulars. These were taken two weeks ago, but last week several more people came by. This club is blowing up, dude!

I'm the reporter, so there's no picture of me. Reporters are supposed to stay out of the story. I'm old fashioned that way. I will report that last week Russ beat me three time running. That's only fair to note.

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chesstiger said...

Looks like the ideal place to play chess.

I hope you get lots of new members so that the clubchampionship will be a lenghty afair.

I wonder what hours you may stay in the liberary and if there is possibilities to drink?

Farbror the Guru said...

Oh, Great room!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rob, aren't there any hot chicks in Juneau who know how to play chess?

Blue Devil Knight said...

Great to see folks up North hitting the 64 squares. I would imagine there's some great players up there.

Aaron DeWeese said...

Quite nice! My sort of club! Nice laptop President Bezenek has there!

Polly said...

Nice looking site. Maybe I need to take a cruise to Alaska on the Amsterdam, roll off the boat and come play some chess in Alaska. I think Alaska is going to be one of those states that's going to be tough to add to my states played list.

Wahrheit said...

Polly, if you come up here we will have a tournament just for you! The cruise thing would work great, just do the one that hits Juneau at 9:00 am on a weekend day, and we'll be there.