Tuesday, May 26, 2009

RLP - B. Bezenek 05.16.09 1-0

I described the game in a previous post, but now that I had a chance to look closer I'm not happy at all with my play. I win, but the missed opportunities are embarrassing, at best. I whip up an interesting attack and just when I could put the hammer down and finish, a series of missed opportunities, easy two and three move tactics, allows him to nearly save the game. I obviously need to get back to work on my game!

Here you go, in all its glory:
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chesstiger said...

I was waiting for that Bxg6 to come but it never happened. Guess a chance lost to show a nice sacrificial game to your club mates. :-)

A well played game but lets face it, the opponent was only rated 1405 which means that he has blunderitis a little bit more then you.

I would love to see a game of you against a higher ranked player just to see how well you can play if needed.

Anonymous said...

On move 20, I'm completely missing the superiority of Kb1.

Wahrheit said...

@chesstiger--I actually do have some pretty good games to show, but just not from this year :)

@LEP--Well, good point; I'm looking at it right now and while 20 Ne2? isn't good because of Qxf2 (which he didn't play) I don't remember now what the response to 20. Kb1 Bxf4 was supposed to be. I'd better check into it...

Tommyg said...

Hi Robert,

I was wondering if you received the email I sent you at your gmail account listed at this blog. It was about a little mini-tournament I am trying to put together.

Let me know if you received the email or not and if so if you are interested.



Anonymous said...

proof MDLM = fail.

patzer stays patzer.